Check Your Property

Our new interactive property-level checker enables you to find out what coverage is planned for your home or business by the end of 2019. It’s simple to use and the information returned will show one of the following classifications:


This means that superfast broadband may be available now, or will be by the end of 2019. This may be either through the CSW Broadband rollout or through commercial providers. **

Superfast broadband may be available in your area now. To find out use either the BT or Virgin line checkers. The How to use the BT DSL Line checker page on our website contains a handy guide to interpreting the results of the BT checker.

If broadband is not yet available, it should be by the end of 2019. To see whether you are in the CSW Broadband programme you should first check our interactive map. We regret that we have no information about commercial providers’ rollout plans.

Under Review / Alternate Provider

This means that a supplier (not BT ) has said that they will be providing superfast broadband by the end of 2019. These tend to be smaller providers. **

Basic Broadband

There is currently no planned superfast coverage here, but the area is in scope for consideration under Contract 3. We will not know until the procurement process is completed which areas will be included in the Contract 3 rollout, and hope to be able to map the additional coverage during the autumn of this year. If you register your details with the CSW Broadband team we can keep you updated on progress in your area.

Awaiting funding

These areas are not in scope for potential coverage under Contract 3 as we are awaiting additional funding. We continue to actively seek additional funding opportunities. If you register your details with the CSW Broadband team we can keep you updated on progress in your area.

The information has been taken from the following sources:

  • Open Market Review and Public Consultation that was held and the end of 2016. During this process all commercial providers were invited to submit information about their rollout plans to the end of 2019. **
  • Contract 2 coverage for the CSW Broadband project.
  • State Aid approved Contract 3 potential intervention area.

** Because this information is provided in commercial confidence we are not able to state which provider has said that they will go to particular areas.