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Broadband speed checkers

For impartial information:

Impartial information for businesses:

  • The Amvia Speed Test calculates the true internet network speed businesses are receiving and the VoIP Speed tool lets them calculate the ideal bandwidth speed for their business needs.

Broadband comparison sites

Please remember that comparison sites work by receiving a commission from the ISPs and may not list all of the available options. Therefore you may want to try several such sites before making a decision:

  • – Free, impartial and Ofcom accredited UK broadband comparison service dedicated to finding the right broadband package for you.
  • – Ofcom accredited broadband, phone and TV comparison service offering lots of information on broadband including  a selection of useful guides.
  • – Ofcom accredited broadband, phone and TV comparison website that uses a postcode checker tool to help users find the best deals in their local areas.
  • – Compare UK broadband supplier prices and deals.
  • – A next generation comparison service focused on address-level accuracy.  Address level look-ups are essential because they are the only way to accurately predict actual availability and speeds.
  • – Comparison service for UK broadband supplier prices and deals. Also provides a number of useful guides and broadband tools.
  • – Provides free impartial, expert advice on broadband, TV and phone deals to UK consumers.
  • – a completely transparent price comparison service that helps empower people to make the best choices on energy, broadband, TV and phone deals.
  • – Comparison service that allows you to compare deals from all the fibre providers in your area.
  • – Comparison service that lets you find a great deal on broadband in your area.
  • – Service that provides members of the public with information about the telecommunication services that can be accessed in their area.
  • – Europe’s No 1 comparison tool. Find up to date guides for all the Broadband providers in the UK. Compare by fastest, cheapest, and best overall broadband plans.





  • The Final Third First Campaign – a campaign and blog to bring broadband to rural areas.
  • – the industry-government forum for tackling strategic issues across the converging broadband value chain.
  • – the UK online centres network was set up by government in 1999 to provide public access to computers.
  • Building Digital UK – BDUK was created as a delivery vehicle for the government’s policies on broadband.
  • – the main UK governmental website giving access to a wide range of online services.

Troubleshooting Broadband

Other information in this section: