Contract 3 – Public consultation July 2021

Update to existing project to further extend coverage of Next Generation Access (NGA) Broadband across the Warwickshire & Solihull region. 
This consultation will be open until August 9th 2021. Please see link below for details. 


2016 NBS – Public Consultation – Additional coverage

Following the CSW Public Consultation on July 2021 which ended on August 9th 2021 we have updated our NGA map and has been published as a graphic and tabular version at premise level in the appendices below.

A summary of the premises classification on the updated Phase 3 State Aid Map is show below:

State Aid Classification Number of Premises
NGA White 5,370
NGA Grey 1,974
NGA Black 254
Total 7,598

NGA Status Map

NGA Status Data