We have had a number of requests for copy that can be used on local websites or in parish magazines, local newsletters etc. We had intended to email this to editors but it has become clear that this is impractical, with different deadlines and with some areas coming on-board later than others.

This page contains links to a series of news articles, each around 300 words, which can be cut and pasted for your own use. Please feel free to edit these to suit your own circumstances (adding the name of your area or details of Local Broadband Champions for instance).

Each piece follows a logical sequence to sit alongside your local campaign. The document file sizes are very small and they are delivered in both PDF and DOC format.

New articles will be added as the project progresses, so you should find something new each month to keep the project fresh in the minds of your readers.

If you need additional information please let the project team know.

Other information in this section: