Project Timeline

Date Task Status
December 2023 Contract 3 due to complete Ongoing
Feb 2022 LFFN Project is completed with 220 public sector buildings in Warwickshire and an additional 1000 properties in their immediate vicinity benefitting from a full fibre connection Complete
Summer 2020 Surveys for Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) started Complete
Feb 2020 Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) contract signed with Openreach Complete
Summer 2019 Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) bid awarded to Openreach Complete
Summer 2019 CSW Broadband Contract 2 completed. Complete
Autumn 2018 Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) procurement process begins Complete
Summer 2018 Surveys for Contract 3 started.
Contract 3 deployment continues
April 2018 Local Full Fibre Network bid accepted, subject to due diligence Complete
January 2018 Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) bid submitted Complete
End 2017 Government target for 95% superfast availability Complete
Autumn 2017 Contract 3 coverage to be announced Complete
October 2017 Wave 8 announced Complete
July 2017 Wave 7 announced Complete
May 2017 Tenders received for Contract 3 – evaluation process starts Complete
March 2017 Wave 6 announced Complete
February 2017 Contract Notice for Contract 3 issued
Wave 5 announced
Address-level property check launched
January 2017 ERDF funding offer received Complete
December 2016 CSW Broadband Contract 1 completes
Contract 2 rollout continues
November 2016 Public Consultation for Contract 3 procurement Complete
October 2016 Contract 2, Wave 4 announced Complete
September 2016 Full bid submitted for ERDF funding Complete
July 2016 300th cabinet goes live Complete
June 2016 Contract 2, Wave 3 announced Complete
May 2016 Bid submitted to CWLEP for Local Growth Deal Funding
Outline Bid submitted for ERDF funding
April 2016 Contract 2, Wave 2 announced Complete
November 2015 ERDF funding bid submitted
New detailed mapping released
Satellite voucher scheme announced
Contract 2, Part 1 initial Waves announced
October 2015 Business Broadband Voucher Scheme suspended Complete
August 2015 200th cabinet goes live
Business Broadband Voucher Scheme million pound milestone reached
June 2015 CSW Broadband events held across region Complete
March 2015 WCC announce funding for Contract 2, Part 1
CSW Broadband begins work on some exchange-only lines
Business Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme launched
February 2015 Contract 1 continues rollout
Contract 2, Part 1, announced
January 2015 Phase 4 roll-out announcement Complete
December 2014 100th cabinet upgraded
Tender for Contract 2 Part 1 received
November 2014 Issuing of ITT for Contract 2 Part 1 Complete
October 2014 Phase 3 roll-out announcement Complete
July 2014 Phase 2 roll-out announcement Complete
April 2014 First CSW Broadband cabinet goes live Complete
February 2014 Phase 1 roll-out announced Complete
October 2013 Design stage sign-off Complete
May 2013 Contract awarded Complete
28th January 2013 Final ITT published to framework suppliers Complete
24th January 2013 State Application Part 1 approved
BDUK B2 Assurance Checkpoint “Ready to Procure” successfully completed
20th January 2013 Public Consultation completed Complete
8th January 2013 Supplier Engagement completed Complete
21st December 2012 Draft ITT issued to framework bidders Complete
21st December 2012 Data room opened to bidders Complete
7th November 2012 BDUK B1 Assurance Checkpoint “Ready to commence supplier engagement” successfully completed Complete
26th October 2012 Open Market Review complete Complete
12th September 2012 BDUK B0 Assurance Checkpoint “Ready to commence Call-off process” successfully completed Complete
29th June 2012 BDUK Framework signed Complete
3rd March 2012 LBP approved Complete