Rolling 12-month Plan

The following tables show the areas which have already been upgraded to fibre broadband or are in our plans to be upgraded.

Live Cabinets / Structures – Fibre Broadband Available

This table shows where fibre broadband is already available with information on the number of properties within that community / area benefiting from that upgrade.

The ‘Structure / Cab No’ column indicates the cabinet where a Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) upgrade has occurred while a number with a ‘PV’ prefix indicates the structure where a Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) upgrade has occurred within that exchange area.

To see if your property has already benefited from a fibre upgrade, enter your landline / address into the BT Broadband Availability Checker. Our How to use the BT Broadband Availability Checker page will help you make sense of the Broadband Checker results.


Exchange AreaStructure / Cab NoPremises Able to Connect to FibreCommunities AffectedTotal Premises in Exchange Area Able to Connect to Fibre
Acocks Green1892Olton382
Acocks Green21114Olton382
Acocks Green69176Olton382
Alcester4194Coughton, Kings Coughton1505
Alcester998Oversley Green1505
Alcester2644Parts of Coughton1505
AlcesterPV38 9Kinwarton - Coughton Fields Lane area1505
AlcesterPV50074Coughton - Parts of Coughton Fields Lane1505
AlcesterPV5015 12Alcester - Part of the Alcester Heath area1505
AlcesterPV501612Alcester - St Marys Rd area1505
AlcesterPV50171Alcester - Part of the Alcester Heath area1505
AlcesterPV50712Haselor - Parts of the Haselor Hill area1505
AlcesterPV804212Weethley - Parts of the Evesham Road area1505
Alderminster1236Newbold on Stour482
AlderminsterPV35 37Atherstone on Stour - Grove Business Park area482
AlderminsterPV44 8Alderminster - parts of Shipston Road482
AlderminsterPV800326Admington - Admington Lane area482
AlderminsterPV901215Parts of Atherstone on Stour482
AllesleyPV5009 2Allesley - Parts of Washbrook Lane159
AllesleyPV5011 49Parts of Allesley159
AllesleyPV5015 1Allesley - Part of Clay Lane159
AllesleyPV5022 8Parts of Allesley159
AllesleyPV50317Allesley - Parts of the Brickhill Lane / Pickford Green Lane area159
AllesleyPV5035 22Allesley - Parts of the Clay Lane & Harvest Hill Lane area159
AllesleyPV503658Allesley - Parts of Oak Lane & Brickhill Lane159
AllesleyPV503712Allesley - Parts of the Clay Lane & Washbrook Lane area159
AshfieldPV507618Wishaw - Parts of Church Lane area27
AshfieldPV50779Wishaw - Parts of the Grove Lane area27
Astwood Bank9139Sambourne139
AtherstonePV15 161Atherstone1695
Atherstone2743Atherstone - Parts of the Holly Lane Industrial Estate1695
AtherstonePV50505Hartshill - Parts of Leather Mills Lane1695
AtherstonePV50854Grendon - Parts of the Warton Lane area1695
AtherstonePV81589Grendon - Parts of Watling St / Whittington Lane area1695
BarfordPV31 61Wasperton area903
Barford PV34 11Barford - Hareway Lane903
BarfordPV5005 4Barford - Wasperton Lane area903
BarfordPV50187Sherbourne - Parts of Stratford Rd / Sherbourne Hill area903
BarfordPV902111Barford / Wasperton - Parts of the Grove Fields area903
Barton on the Heath183Little Compton271
Barton on the Heath276Great Wolford271
Barton on the Heath39Little Compton271
Barton on the Heath464Barton on the Heath271
Barton on the HeathPV50014Kitebrook271
Barton on the HeathPV5002 7Little Compton - Parts of Willow End area271
Barton on the HeathPV500712Kitebrook271
Barton on the HeathPV60014Parts of the Chastleton / Little Compton area271
Barton on the HeathPV801112Parts of Great Walford271
Bedworth94Parts of Bedworth95
Bedworth1025Marston Jabbett - Parts of the Marston Lane area95
Bedworth489Bedworth - Brooklea area95
BedworthPV5107 26Bedworth - Dove Close area95
BedworthPV51309Bedworth - Parts of Astley Lane area95
BedworthPV515822Aldermans Green - Mile Tree Lane & Barnacle - Top Road areas95
Berkswell960Kenilworth - Birmingham Road area361
BerkswellPV33 110Berkswell361
BerkswellPV5003 6Honiley / Meer End - Meer End Road area361
BerkswellPV5004 19Balsall Common - Barston Lane & Magpie Lane area361
BerkswellPV500615Balsall Common - Hob Lane area361
BerkswellPV5012 2Balsall Common - parts of Station Road area361
BerkswellPV501815Balsall Common - Parts of Waste Lane area361
BerkswellPV5020 1Balsall Common - Station Rd area361
BerkswellPV5028 28Honiley / Meer End - Meer End Road area361
BerkswellPV50305Kenilworth - Parts of the Oldwich Lane East area361
BerkswellPV50407Balsall Common - Parts of the Holly Lane area361
BerkswellPV504911Balsall Common - Parts of Saracen Drive area349
BerkswellPV50551Balsall Common - Part of Windmill Lane349
BerkswellPV50604Berkswell - Part of Spencers Lane area349
BerkswellPV5063 10Berkswell - Part of Spencers Lane area349
BerkswellPV5067 9Berkswell349
BerkswellPV5068 10Berkswell349
BerkswellPV5075 5Parts of the Bradnocks Marsh / Barston area349
BerkswellPV50765Barston - Parts of Barston Lane area349
Bidford on Avon2462Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on Avon3440Salford Priors3464
Bidford on Avon4393Broom, Wixford3464
Bidford on Avon5353Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on Avon6179Temple Grafton, Ardens Grafton3464
Bidford on Avon786Marlcliff3464
Bidford on Avon8229Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on Avon930Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on Avon1076Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on Avon1135Barton3464
Bidford on Avon13163Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on Avon1486Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on Avon1623Temple Grafton 3464
Bidford on Avon1733Parts of Salford Priors3464
Bidford on Avon1870Parts of Wixford & surrounding area3464
Bidford on AvonPV35 62Dunnington3464
Bidford on AvonPV38 18Dorsington3464
Bidford on AvonPV40 8Barton3464
Bidford on AvonPV42 30Marlcliff3464
Bidford on AvonPV45 9Dunnington3464
Bidford on AvonPV468Dunnington3464
Bidford on AvonPV47 11Ardens Grafton area3464
Bidford on Avon57353Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on AvonPV5005 21Bidford on Avon - Jubilee Close area3464
Bidford on AvonPV5008 29Bidford on Avon - Salford Rd area3464
Bidford on AvonPV5020 15Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on AvonPV5030 8Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on AvonPV5033 21Bidford on Avon - High St area3464
Bidford on AvonPV5039 36Parts of Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on AvonPV5041 24Bidford on Avon - High St area3464
Bidford on AvonPV504215Bidford on Avon - Parts of the Georges Elm Lane area3464
Bidford on AvonPV504514Parts of the Exhall area3464
Bidford on AvonPV506916Temple Grafton - Parts of Church Bank area3464
Bidford on AvonPV5070 42Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on AvonPV5075 43Bidford on Avon3464
Bidford on AvonPV5095 16Bidford on Avon - Old School Mead area3464
Bidford on AvonPV50977Bidford on Avon - Parts of the Grafton Lane area3464
BinleyPV500139Coventry - Parts of Surrey Drive / Middlesex Rd / Anglian Way area227
BinleyPV504342Binley - Parts of the Stradey Clse / Kings Park Drive & Ellis Park Drive areas227
BinleyPV50549Brinklow - Parts of the Brinklow Road area227
BinleyPV50733Binley - Parts of the Brinklow Rd area227
BinleyPV511243Coventry - Parts of The Carabiniers & Sunbeam Way area227
BinleyPV5115 23Coventry - The Carabiniers / Signals Drive area227
BinleyPV51843Brinklow - Parts of the Brinklow Road area227
Binley PV526925Binley - Parts of the Murrayfield Way / Franklin Gardens area227
BinleyPV527632Coventry - Parts of the Humber Rd / Cadet Close / Terry Rd area227
BinleyPV527810Coventry - Parts of Anglian Way227
Brailes1298Lower and Upper Brailes864
Brailes2146Upper Brailes864
Brailes4198Chertington, Stourton864
BrailesPV5003 25Parts of Winderton864
BrailesPV500710Brailes - Parts of Holloway Hill area864
BrailesPV5009 5Parts of the Aylesmore / Idlicote area864
BrailesPV50145Parts of Brailes864
BrailesPV5015 5Parts of Cherington864
BrailesPV50197Parts of Cherington864
BrailesPV5021 51Parts of Upper Brailes864
Braunston1267Parts of Willoughby384
Braunston138Parts of Sawbridge / Wolfhampcote area384
Byfield3230Priors Marston327
Byfield984Priors Hardwick327
ByfieldPV503713Priors Marston - Parts of the Shuckburgh Rd / Keys Lane area327
Castle Bromwich2102Castle Bromwich147
Castle Bromwich7745Water Orton147
Chapel End14366Chapel End1025
Chapel End1695Galley Common1025
Chapel End18366Chapel End1025
Chapel End2233Ansley Common area1025
Chapel EndPV5005 17Ansley Common - Parts of the Pipers Lane area1025
Chapel EndPV5013 14Nuneaton - Queen Elizabeth Road - Holyrood Court area1025
Chapel EndPV5021 2Ansley Common - Part of Coleshill Road area1025
Chapel EndPV5022 18Ansley - Parts of the Nuneaton Rd / Ansley Lane / Birmingham Rd area1025
Chapel EndPV5025 15Parts of Hartshill1025
Chapel EndPV502911Parts of Oldbury1025
Chapel EndPV50497Parts of Ansley1025
Chapel EndPV505417Galley Common - Parts of Orford Rise & Tunnel Road area1025
Chapel EndPV5070 37Nuneaton - Galley Common - Valley Rd area1025
Chapel EndPV51814Ansley - Parts of the Nuneaton Rd area1025
Chapel EndPV518323Ansley - Parts of the Nuneaton Rd / Hoar Park Craft Village area1025
Chelmsley136Chelmsley Wood732
Chelmsley685Chelmsley Wood732
Chelmsley29161Chelmsley Wood732
Chelmsley4169Chelmsley Wood732
Chelmsley48104Chelmsley Wood, Kingshurst, Castle Bromwich732
Chelmsley54125Chelmsley Wood732
Chelmsley72152Chelmsley Wood732
CheylesmorePV500631Coventry - Calvert Close area162
CheylesmorePV501154Coventry - Parts of Shortley Road / Pegmill Close area162
CheylesmorePV5035 47Coventry - Parts of the Whitley Village area162
CheylesmorePV503630Coventry - Parts of the Whitley Village area162
Claverdon1191Norton Lindsey1515
Claverdon658Yarningale Common & Lowsonford1515
ClaverdonPV33 39Langley area1515
ClaverdonPV38 17Claverdon area1515
ClaverdonPV39 24Parts of Norton Lindsey1515
ClaverdonPV44 14Rowington - Parts of Old Warwick Road1515
ClaverdonPV45 9Parts of Norton Lindsey1515
ClaverdonPV48 15Parts of Preston Bagot1515
ClaverdonPV50 9Preston Bagot1515
ClaverdonPV52 5Claverdon1515
ClaverdonPV55 7Wolverton1515
ClaverdonPV5005 13Parts of Hatton1515
ClaverdonPV5009 20Claverdon - Parts of the Manor Lane / Star Lane & Lye Green areas1515
ClaverdonPV501013Hatton / Shrewley - Parts of the Hockley Rd & Old Warwick Rd area1515
ClaverdonPV501115Lower Norton - Parts of Norton Curlieu Lane & surrounding area1515
ClaverdonPV50161Parts of Norton Lindsey1515
ClaverdonPV501722Parts of Edstone1515
ClaverdonPV5020 3Pinley Green - Parts of Nunhold Rd area1515
ClaverdonPV5021 16Parts of Langley1515
ClaverdonPV5022 6Parts of Preston Bagot1515
ClaverdonPV50231Claverdon - Part of Kington Lane1515
ClaverdonPV5024 32Shrewley / Lowsonford - Parts of the Back Lane / Narrow Lane / High Cross Lane & Holywell areas1515
ClaverdonPV5026 23Lowsonford - Parts of Rookery Lane / Preston Rd area1515
ClaverdonPV5033 2Claverdon - Langley Rd area1515
ColeshillPV7 26Coleshill3852
Coleshill12224Coleshill, Nether Whitacre3852
Coleshill1463Coleshill, Maxstoke3852
ColeshillPV5020 7Nether Whitacre - Parts of Station Rd / Watery Lane area3852
ColeshillPV504813Parts of Nether Whitacre3852
ColeshillPV5074 20Maxstoke3852
ColeshillPV5070 11Coleshill - Gilson Drive Area3852
ColeshillPV50859Meriden - Parts of Packington Lane3852
ColeshillPV50971Coleshill - Part of Hawkeswell Lane area3852
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV5015 55Coventry - Parts of St Nicholas Street area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV50191Coventry - Part of the Manor Rd area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV5025 8Coventry - Parts of Paradise St area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV5026 4Coventry - Parts of the Mile Lane & Quarryfield Lane area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV50291Coventry - Part of The Butts area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV5041 2Coventry - Parts of the St Nicholas St area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV50804Coventry - Parts of Kingfield Road240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV510613Coventry - Parts of Warwick Rd & Eaton Rd area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV51188Coventry - Parts of Hornchurch Close area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV51593Coventry - Parts of the Widdrington Road area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV51602Coventry - Parts of the Middlesbrough Rd area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV516565Coventry - Middlesborough Rd / Nauls Mill House area240
Coventry (Greyfriars)PV5175 74Coventry - Parts of Firedrake Croft area240
Curdworth150Lea Marston, Marston690
Curdworth437Marston / Lea Marston690
Curdworth564Lea Marston690
Curdworth628Wishaw area690
CurdworthPV5009 7Curdworth - Parts of Kingsbury Rd area690
CurdworthPV50102Curdworth - Parts of Lichfield Rd area690
Dunchurch2284Lawford Heath577
DunchurchPV34 96Parts of Grandborough577
Dunchurch3520Kites Hardwick577
Dunchurch409Dunchurch - Parts of London Rd area577
Dunchurch418Parts of Woolscott577
Dunchurch4417Dunchurch - Parts of London Rd area577
DunchurchPV5043 6Dunchurch - Parts of the Homefield Lane / Vicarage Road area577
DunchurchPV50767Parts of Woolscott577
DunchurchPV5093 22Rugby - Berrybanks area577
DunchurchPV52174Rugby - Parts of Ashlawn Road 577
DunchurchPV5241 42Rugby - Berrybanks area577
DunchurchPV524939Cawston - Oatland Drive area577
EarlsdonPV5008 10Coventry - Arden St area251
EarlsdonPV503441Allesley - Parts of the Allesley Hall Drive area251
EarlsdonPV504844Coventry - Parts of The Riddings & Fletchamstead Highway area251
EarlsdonPV505887Coventry - Parts of the Hartington Crescent area251
EarlsdonPV5102 60Coventry - Parts of Beechwood Avenue / Shaftesbury Rd area251
EarlsdonPV51049Coventry - Parts of Fletchamstead Highway area251
Earlswood1119Earlswood, Hockley Heath1004
EarlswoodPV501816Earlswood - Parts of Juggins Lane area1004
EarlswoodPV50298Earlswood - Parts of Juggins Lane area1004
EarlswoodPV503122Tanworth in Arden - Parts of the Wood End Lane & Earlswood - Parts of the Malthouse Lane areas1004
EarlswoodPV5039 15Earlswood - Parts of Poolhead Lane area1004
Edge Hill1248Edge Hill, Radway, Ratley500
Edge Hill4102Radway500
Edge Hill617Edge Hill 500
Edge Hill727Edge Hill - Upton area500
Edge Hill818Parts of Upton & Hornton area (Oxon)500
Edge HillPV500614Parts of the Arlescote & Warmington area500
Edge HillPV50142Radway - Parts of King John's Lane area500
Edge HillPV5015 31Ratley - Parts of Old Rd / New Rd area500
Edge HillPV501616Parts of Ratley500
Edge HillPV501925Parts of Ratley500
ElmdonPV1 3Coleshill - Quartz Point area44
ElmdonPV151Elmdon 44
Elmdon2240Elmdon, Marston Green 44
Ettington1189Pillerton Priors & Pillerton Hersey956
Ettington2161Halford 956
Ettington 655Pillerton Hersey956
EttingtonPV5002 6Ettington - Thornton area956
EttingtonPV5008 5Parts of the Combrook / Walton area956
EttingtonPV5021 3Ettington - Parts of the Fosse Way area956
EttingtonPV5026 16Parts of Fulready956
Exhall20106Bayton Road, Exhall790
Exhall2173Bayton Road, Exhall790
Exhall2580Bayton Road, Exhall790
Exhall299Ash Green - Church Lane / Bell Drive area790
ExhallPV5030 38Coventry - Haydock Close area790
ExhallPV50312Coventry - Parts of the Gallagher Business Park790
ExhallPV5038 88Bedworth - Clover Way / Daisy Croft / Campion Close / Forsythia Close area790
ExhallPV5039 7Longford - Parts of Sutton Stop / Blackhorse Rd area790
ExhallPV504232Ash Green - Royal Oak Lane area790
ExhallPV50526Coventry - Parts of Ibstock Rd / Bedworth Rd / Wilsons Lane & McDonnell Drive area790
ExhallPV507145Aldermans Green - Parts of Old Crown Mews / Lentons Lane area790
ExhallPV507244Ash Green - Parts of the Elwy Circle / High View Drive & Corley View areas790
ExhallPV50873Coventry - Parts of the Holly Bush Lane area790
ExhallPV510127Bedworth - Jasmine Way / Buttercup Way / Daffodil Drive / Clover Way area790
ExhallPV5105 58Bedworth - Parts of Jasmine Way / Clover Way / Salvia Way area790
ExhallPV5107 90Aldermans Green - Tynemouth Close / Parrotts Grove / Lentons Lane area790
ExhallPV511032Bedworth - Parts of Bede Village / Hospital Lane area790
ExhallPV511120Bedworth - Parts of Bede Village / Hospital Lane area790
Farnborough361Avon Dassett343
FarnboroughPV32 10Avon Dassett343
FarnboroughPV50063Parts of Avon Dassett343
FarnboroughPV5009 16Avon Dassett - Parts of the Avon Carrow area343
FarnboroughPV5012 2Farnborough343
Fazeley 4028Birch Coppice, Dordon48
Fazeley 4213Whateley - Parts of Whateley Lane area48
FazeleyPV51286Middleton - Parts of the Middleton Hall area48
FazeleyPV51521Part of the Freasley Common area48
Fenny Compton1186Northend742
Fenny Compton2167Fenny Compton742
Fenny Compton3261Fenny Compton742
Fenny ComptonPV31 68Knightcote742
Fenny ComptonPV33 12Fenny Compton / Wormleighton742
Fenny ComptonPV5003 3Avon Dassett - Parts of the Dassett Road area742
Fenny ComptonPV50064Parts of Watergall742
Fenny ComptonPV50113Wormleighton - Parts of Will Pastures area742
Fenny ComptonPV5015 5Fenny Compton - Parts of the Station Fields / The Tunnel area742
Fenny ComptonPV501927Parts of Wormleighton742
Fenny ComptonPV80136Parts of Burton Dassett742
Fillongley3573Arley, Gun Hill2817
Fillongley755Fillongley - Wood End & surrounding areas2817
Fillongley8266Arley, Gun Hill2817
Fillongley932Fillongley & surrounding area2817
Fillongley2228Corley area2817
FillongleyPV37 54Arley 2817
FillongleyPV38 30Corley & Corley Moor area2817
FillongleyPV39 21Astley & Wood End areas2817
FillongleyPV45 5Fillongley - Parts of Green End Rd area2817
FillongleyPV46 20Fillongley - Broad Lane / Willow Lane areas2817
FillongleyPV54 3Wood End area2817
FillongleyPV5015 2Corley - Parts of Square Lane area2817
FillongleyPV501815Corley - Parts of Common Lane & The Oaks area2817
FillongleyPV50191Fillongley - Part of Green End Road area2817
FillongleyPV5020 3Fillongley - Parts of Green End Rd area2817
FillongleyPV50231Corley - Part of the Tamworth Rd area2817
FillongleyPV5025 22Corley - Parts of Kingswood Avenue2817
FillongleyPV502735Arley - Parts of the Ansley Lane area2817
FillongleyPV5028 21Corley - Parts of Church Lane & Tamworth Road2817
FillongleyPV5030 11Parts of Green End & Kinwalsey Lane (Meriden)2817
FillongleyPV5035 47Corley - Parts of Watery Lane / Wall Hill Rd / Green Lane area 2817
FillongleyPV503712Fillongley - Parts of the Station Hill / Tamworth Road area2817
FillongleyPV504223Maxstoke area - Parts of Bentleys Lane / Green End Road area2817
FillongleyPV504446New Arley - Parts of the Hill Top / Gun Hill area2817
FillongleyPV504520Arley - Parts of the Rectory Rd / Ansley Lane area2817
FillongleyPV5051 4Astley - Parts of Park Lane area2817
FillongleyPV50525Astley - Parts of Howe Green Lane2817
FillongleyPV50535Fillongley - Parts of Fillongley Rd / Broad Lane / Hardingwood Lane area2817
Fillongley PV50602Fillongley - Parts of Gorsey Green Lane2817
FillongleyPV5063 3Corley - Parts of Breach Oak Lane2817
Fillongley PV5064 9Fillongley2817
FillongleyPV50659Shustoke - Parts of the Shawbury Lane area2817
FillongleyPV50674Ansley - Parts of the Arley Lane area2817
FillongleyPV50762Corley - Parts of Church Lane & Wall Hill Road2817
FillongleyPV50773Corley - Parts of the Wall Hill Road area2817
FoleshillPV5015 16Coventry - Parts of Trafalgar Mews area82
FoleshillPV51049Coventry - Parts of the Reading Close area82
FoleshillPV5177 9Coventry - Parts of Kingswood Close area82
FoleshillPV523348Coventry - Parts of Stoney Stanton Road area82
Four Oaks22102Middleton102
Furnace End166Nether Whitacre area692
Furnace End234Botts Green / Tamworth Road area692
Furnace End378Nether Whitacre area692
Furnace End4181Shustoke692
Furnace End570Over Whitacre / Arley area692
Furnace End682Shustoke area692
Furnace End7115Furnace End692
Furnace EndPV31 33Shawbury Village / Shawbury Lane area692
Furnace EndPV5005 18Parts of Bentley & Over Whitacre692
Furnace EndPV50117Arley - Parts of the Devitts Green Lane area692
Furnace EndPV5015 8Shustoke - Parts of the Shawbury Lane & Moathouse Lane areas692
Great Alne1142Aston Cantlow598
Great Alne2161Great Alne598
Great Alne379Haselor & Walcote598
Great Alne580Great Alne598
Great Alne628Shelfield598
Great Alne719Newnham598
Great Alne94Parts of Aston Cantlow598
Great AlnePV1 3Great Alne Pelham Lane area598
Great AlnePV32 37Little Alne598
Great AlnePV37 11Aston Cantlow598
Great AlnePV501314Great Alne - Parts of Spernall Lane area598
Great AlnePV5015 20Great Alne / Shelfield Green area - Parts of Alne Hills / Shelfield Green area598
Hampton in Arden1102Hampton in Arden1320
Hampton in Arden2102Hampton in Arden1320
Hampton in Arden3131Hampton in Arden1320
Hampton in Arden4111Hampton in Arden1320
Hampton in Arden5145Hampton in Arden1320
Hampton in Arden6170Barston & Eastcote1320
Hampton in Arden7145Hampton in Arden1320
Hampton in Arden10216Hampton in Arden1320
Hampton in Arden1143Hampton in Arden - Kenilworth Rd area1320
Hampton in ArdenPV1 7Hampton in Arden - Shadow Brook Lane area1320
Hampton in ArdenPV39 7Meriden - Cornets Lane End area1320
Hampton in ArdenPV5005 41Parts of Barston1320
Hampton in ArdenPV5009 10Knowle / Hampton in Arden area - Parts of Knowle Road area1320
Hampton in ArdenPV501115Hampton in Arden - Old Station Road area1320
Hampton in ArdenPV501312Hampton in Arden area - Parts of Kenilworth Road area1320
Hampton in ArdenPV5015 15Hampton in Arden - Parts of Eastcote Lane area1320
Hampton in ArdenPV5017 28Parts of Barston1320
Hampton in ArdenPV5024 5Hampton in Arden1320
Hampton in ArdenPV5025 2Hampton in Arden - Parts of Solihull Road area1320
Hampton in ArdenPV5030 8Meriden / Hampton in Arden area - Parts of Kenilworth Road area1320
Hampton in ArdenPV80445Bradnocks Marsh - Parts of Marsh Lane1320
Harbury2325Bishops Itchington2382
Harbury3572Bishops Itchington2382
Harbury583Deppers Bridge2382
Harbury 635East of Radford Semele / Offchurch2382
HarburyPV5003 16Parts of Ufton2382
Harbury PV5004 41Parts of Ufton2382
Harbury PV5012 2Chesterton - Parts of Windmill Hill Lane area2382
HarburyPV501316Deppers Bridge - Parts of the Ladbroke Rd area2382
HarburyPV502811Chesterton - Parts of Old Gated Road area2382
HarburyPV5030 46Parts of Ufton2382
HarburyPV5041 22Offchurch - Fosse Way area2382
Harvington236Cock Bevington402
Harvington6115Salford Priors402
Harvington1033Parts of Abbots Salford402
HarvingtonPV33 15Iron Cross / Cock Bevington area402
HarvingtonPV5038 15Parts of Dunnington & Wood Bevington402
HarvingtonPV901030Abbots Salford - Parts of Robin Way402
HarvingtonPV901271Abbots Salford - Parts of the Robin Way / Sway Way & Teal Meadow area402
HarvingtonPV901787Abbots Salford - Abbots Salford Caravan Park402
Haseley Knob1136Haseley & Hatton551
Haseley Knob298Beausale551
Haseley Knob4127Hatton551
Haseley Knob544Hatton & Little Shrewley551
Haseley Knob675Haseley Knob551
Haseley KnobPV34 10Shrewley - Five Ways Road551
Haseley KnobPV5003 18Honiley / Wroxall - Parts of the Manor Lane / Honiley Rd area551
Haseley KnobPV5004 16Beausale - Parts of the Beausale Lane / Kites Nest Lane area551
Haseley KnobPV900527Parts of Honiley551
Henley-in-ArdenPV1 3Buckley Green area2626
Henley-in-Arden2203Wootton Wawen2626
Henley-in-Arden5115Wootton Wawen2626
Henley-in-Arden6121Buckley Green area2626
Henley-in-Arden7297Wootton Wawen2626
Henley-in-Arden860Henley in Arden2626
Henley-in-Arden11258Henley in Arden2626
Henley-in-Arden1268Henley in Arden2626
Henley-in-Arden13390Henley in Arden2626
Henley-in-Arden1416Wootton Wawen area 2626
Henley-in-Arden1519Wootton Wawen2626
Henley-in-Arden1660Henley in Arden2626
Henley-in-Arden1832Henley in Arden2626
Henley-in-Arden198Henley in Arden - Parts of Kyte Green area2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV3235Parts of Ullenhall2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV40 17Deans Green / Blunts Green area2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV439Henley in Arden2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV44 13Henley in Arden2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV46 6Henley in Arden2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV47 14Buckley Green area2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV5003 6Parts of the Whitley Hill area2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV5033 9Wootton Wawen - Parts of the Stratford Rd area2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV5039 9Wootton Wawen - Wootton Park Farm / Alcester Rd area2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV5057 6Blunts Green2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV50658Parts of Oldberrow2626
Henley-in-ArdenPV5070 13Ullenhall / Oldberrow area - Parts of Redditch Road / Church Road area2626
HighwayPV5002 9Coventry - Parts of the Bransford Avenue area420
HighwayPV5003 45Coventry - Parts of the Leam Green / Lichen Green & Cloud Green areas 420
HighwayPV501038Coventry - Parts of the De Montfort Way / Brill Clse / Squires Way area420
HighwayPV5022 9Coventry - King's Hill Lane area420
HighwayPV502334Coventry - Parts of the Lichen Green / Lunar Close & Aldrin Way areas420
HighwayPV5036 86Coventry - Parts of The Spinney / The Galliards / Heycroft and Riverford Croft areas420
HighwayPV503779Coventry - Parts of the Stare Green / Lichen Green / Cloud Green / Stansford Ave & Blackthorn Clse area420
HighwayPV505635Coventry - Parts of The Shrubberies area420
HighwayPV50614Coventry - Parts of the Kenilworth Road area420
HighwayPV50882Coventry - Parts of the Kenilworth Rd area420
HighwayPV50898Coventry - Parts of Finham Park / Warwick Road / St Martins Road area420
HighwayPV509418Coventry - De Montfort Way / Lynchgate Rd area420
HighwayPV5105 1Coventry - Part of the Kings Hill Lane area420
Hurley2485Wood End3656
Hurley6264Wood End3656
HurleyPV37 13Kingsbury3656
HurleyPV500141Kingsbury - Parts of the Tame Bank area3656
HurleyPV5004 6Bodymoor Heath - Parts of Bodymoor Heath Lane3656
HurleyPV5005 26Cliff - Parts of the Cliff Hall Lane area3656
HurleyPV5012 25Parts of Bodymoor Heath3656
HurleyPV50475Middleton - Parts of Tamworth Road area3656
HurleyPV50613Piccadilly - Parts of the Trinity Road area3656
HurleyPV5064 4Bodymoor Heath - Parts of Bodymoor Heath Lane3656
HurleyPV508228Kingsbury - Parts of Sorrel Drive / Maple Drive area3656
HurleyPV5083 35Kingsbury - Parts of The Firs / Aldersgate / Sorrel Drive area3656
HurleyPV508434Kingsbury - Parts of Sorrel Drive / Maple Drive / Elder Close area3656
HurleyPV508715Kingsbury - Parts of the Sorrell Drive area3656
HurleyPV509121Hurley - Foul End - Parts of Foul End Lane area3656
HurleyPV60185Piccadilly - Parts of the Trinity Road area3656
IlmingtonPV901516Ilmington - Parts of Washbrook Place / Nellands Close area531
Kenilworth135Kenilworth area - Parts of Crackley Lane / Hollis Lane / Water Tower Lane area284
KenilworthPV32 96Burton Green - Red Lane area284
KenilworthPV34 8Kenilworth - Parts of Birmingham Road area284
Kenilworth3733Kenilworth - Parts of Framlingham Grove area284
KenilworthPV503727Parts of Hill Wootton284
KenilworthPV509710Kenilworth - Parts of Rouncl Lane284
KenilworthPV5107 11Kenilworth - Parts of the Chase Lane area284
KenilworthPV512216Kenilworth - Parts of the Chesford Grange / Blackdown area284
KenilworthPV52137Kenilworth - Parts of the Hollis Lane area284
KenilworthPV52637Kenilworth - Parts of the Chase Lane area284
KenilworthPV90607Kenilworth - Parts of the Grounds Farm Lane284
KeresleyPV500717Coventry - Parts of Yellowstone Clse & Celilo Walk area789
KeresleyPV5022 3Keresley End - Parts of Robert Atchison Way789
KeresleyPV502864Coventry - Bowness Road area789
KeresleyPV504813Coventry - Parts of Regiment Court & Battalion Court area789
KeresleyPV5068102Kenilworth - Parts of the Chesford Grange / Blackdown area789
KeresleyPV50808Coventry - Parts of the Prologis Park / Pilgrims Walk area789
KeresleyPV508546Corley / Keresley End - Parts of Hollyfast Lane / Tamworth Road / Queenswood Court area789
Kineton2432Kineton, Little Kineton2171
Kineton4204Temple Herdewyke2171
Kineton5332Lighthorne, Lighthorne Heath2171
Kineton6106Butlers Marston2171
Kineton763Little Kineton area2171
Kineton1135Compton Verney2171
KinetonPV33 23Chadshunt area & parts of Gaydon2171
KinetonPV35 22Kineton - Combrook Road area2171
KinetonPV40 2Kineton area2171
Knowle3081Chadwick End, Knowle547
KnowlePV31 16Chadwick End area547
KnowlePV500111Knowle - Parts of Queen Eleanors Drive area547
KnowlePV5026 21Hockley Heath - Aylesbury Rd area547
KnowlePV50274Solihull - Parts of the Blythewood Close area547
KnowlePV505312Knowle - Parts of Kenilworth Road / Hob Lane area547
KnowlePV506517Hockley Heath - Parts of Windmill Lane / Vicarage Road area547
KnowlePV5070 5Chessetts Wood area547
KnowlePV507349Knowle - Parts of the Lady Byron Lane area547
KnowlePV5083 11Knowle - Parts of the Bakers Lane / Chapel Lane area547
KnowlePV50849Knowle - Parts of the Elvers Green Lane & Kenilworth Road area547
KnowlePV5100 8Chessetts Wood area547
KnowlePV5102 6Temple Balsall - Parts of Temple Lane / Cuttle Pool Lane area547
Lapworth1467Hockley Heath2413
Lapworth2334Hockley Heath2413
Lapworth995Lapworth, Nuthurst2413
Lapworth11255Chadwick End, Knowle2413
Lapworth1391Lapworth, Solihull2413
Lapworth1534Chessetts Wood area2413
LapworthPV33 57Lowsonford2413
LapworthPV34 43Lapworth2413
LapworthPV43 13Parts of Copt Green & surrounding areas2413
LapworthPV53 6Lapworth2413
LapworthPV501025Lapworth / Hockley Heath - Parts of the Grove Lane, Packwood Lane, Old Warwick Rd & Glasshouse Lane area2413
LapworthPV50113Lapworth - Parts of Tapster Lane & Yew Tree Lane areas2413
LapworthPV50177Lapworth - Parts of the Old Warwick Rd 2413
LapworthPV5035 12Chadwick End2413
LapworthPV5036 16Hockley Heath - School Rd area2413
LapworthPV5051 23Parts of Copt Green / Danzey Green area2413
LapworthPV50589Lowsonford / Lapworth - Parts of Bushwood Lane & Tapster Lane areas2413
LapworthPV90026Lapworth - Parts of the Tapster Lane 2413
Leamington Spa10227Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa19121Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa22229Leamington Spa2214
Leamington SpaPV37 12Offchurch2214
Leamington Spa4089Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa5655Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa60240Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa7172Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa74105Blackdown2214
Leamington Spa75111Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa9537Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa965Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa9791Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa9963Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa10070Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa108120Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa111186Leamington Spa2214
Leamington Spa112102Heathcote2214
Leamington Spa13321Parts of Offchurch2214
Leamington Spa13630Radford Semele - Parts of Kingshurst & Southam Road area2214
Leamington Spa13865Leamington - Leam Road / Myton Crofts area2214
Leamington SpaPV500715Offchurch - Parts of the Village St area2214
Leamington SpaPV5039 6Offchurch - Parts of the Welsh Road area2214
Leamington SpaPV50781Leamington Spa - The Parade area2214
Leamington SpaPV50886Bishops Tachbrook - Parts of Harbury Lane area2214
Leamington SpaPV51042Leamington Spa - Part of the Regent St area2214
Leamington SpaPV514210Cubbington - Parts of the Welsh Rd area2214
Leamington SpaPV5146 2Part of Offchurch2214
Leamington SpaPV5190 20Old Milverton2214
Leamington SpaPV519611Leamington Spa - Parts of Holly Walk / Brandon Parade area2214
Leamington SpaPV52401Leamington Spa - Part of The Parade area2214
Leamington SpaPV529612Blackdown - Parts of the Bericote Rd area2214
Leamington SpaPV532310Radford Semele - Parts of the Southam Rd area2214
Leamington SpaPV535811Blackdown - Parts of the Stoneleigh Rd area2214
Leamington SpaPV53724Offchurch - Parts of the Hunningham Road area2214
Leamington SpaPV540454Heathcote - Parts of Harbury Lane / Heatcote Park2214
Long Compton1152Whichford, Acott668
Long Compton2429Long Compton668
Long Compton335Little Wolford area668
Long ComptonPV5005 25Long Compton - Parts of the Broad St & Back Lane areas668
Long ComptonPV501627Long Compton - Parts of East St / The Butts / Butlers Close & Weston Court areas668
LutterworthPV32 34Parts of Willey34
MartonPV31 15Parts of Hunningham257
MartonPV500711Stretton on Dunsmore - Parts of Frankton Lane area257
MartonPV5009 2Parts of Hunningham257
MartonPV5015 48Parts of Princethorpe257
MartonPV501643Parts of Frankton257
MartonPV5019 14Parts of Wappenbury257
MartonPV502020Long Itchington - Parts of the Leamington Rd / Snowford Hill area257
MartonPV502345Parts of Frankton257
MartonPV5024 14Princethorpe - Parts of the Oxford Rd area257
MartonPV50299Frankton - Parts of the Birdingbury Rd / Bourton Lane area257
MartonPV50311Marton - Part of Birdingbury Road257
MartonPV503431Frankton - Parts of the Main St / Bourton Rd area257
MartonPV90494Marton - Part of Fields Farm Lane257
Meriden1111Eaves Green & Millisons Wood1823
Meriden5248Millisons Wood1823
Meriden945Berkswell - Meriden Rd / Back Lane area 1823
Meriden1013Meriden - Back Lane / Shirley Lane area1823
Meriden1198Meriden - Eaves Green area1823
MeridenPV1 29Parts of Meriden1823
MeridenPV5004 27Meriden / Berkswell - Parts of the Meriden Rd / Berkswell Rd area1823
MeridenPV50068Parts of Meriden & the surrounding area1823
MeridenPV501633Allesley - Parts of the Pickford Green Lane / Pickford Grange Lane / Oak Lane area1823
MeridenPV502131Meriden - Parts of Harvest Hill Lane / Kinwalsey Lane & surrounding areas1823
MeridenPV50239Parts of Packington Park & the surrounding area1823
Meriden PV5030 6Parts of Meriden1823
MeridenPV80412Meriden - Parts of Birmingham Road area1823
Moreton MorrellPV2250Lighthorne 698
Moreton Morrell316Moreton Paddox698
Moreton Morrell4248Moreton Morrell698
Moreton MorrellPV4 60Moreton Morrell & Moreton Paddox698
Moreton MorrellPV35 9Ashorne area698
Moreton MorrellPV41 12Lighthorne698
Moreton MorrellPV5002 14Parts of Lighthorne & the surrounding area698
Moreton MorrellPV50045Parts of Lighthorne Rough698
Moreton MorrellPV5005 2Parts of the Moreton Morrell area698
Moreton MorrellPV501020Chesterton / Bishops Tachbrook - Banbury Rd & Fosse Way area698
Moreton MorrellPV50115Parts of the Bishops Tachbrook / Ashorne area698
Moreton MorrellPV5012 32Ashorne area698
Moreton MorrellPV501322Lighthorne / Bishops Tachbrook - Parts of the Banbury Road area698
Moreton MorrellPV90173Moreton Morrell - Parts of the Fosse Way area698
Newton Regis1169Newton Regis673
Newton Regis2392Austrey673
Newton Regis331Parts of No Man's Heath673
Newton Regis532Seckington673
Newton RegisPV5002 42Parts of Austrey673
Newton RegisPV5015 7No Man's Heath - Parts of Austrey Lane area673
Nuneaton10889Caldecote area778
NuneatonPV50312Nuneaton - Parts of the Abbey Gate area778
NuneatonPV504338Nuneaton - Parts of the Watling St / Overbrook Grange area778
NuneatonPV5064 1Nuneaton - Part of the Watling Street area778
NuneatonPV509926Parts of Caldecote / Caldecote Hall area778
NuneatonPV51852Caldecote - Parts of Weddington Lane area778
NuneatonPV904825Nuneaton - The Griff Caravan Site, Coventry Road778
NuneatonPV92492Bramcote - Parts of the Lutterworth Rd area778
Pailton2259Monks Kirby & Street Ashton1424
Pailton5180Harborough Magna1424
Pailton7 (FTTP)66Easenhall1424
Pailton7 (FTTC)40Easenhall1424
Pailton957Stretton under Fosse1424
Pailton1028Churchover - Parts of the Lutterworth Rd / Coton Rd area1424
PailtonPV31 67Monks Kirby and surrounding area1424
PailtonPV36 30Parts of Stretton under Fosse1424
PailtonPV41 13Harborough Magna - Cathiron area1424
PailtonPV429Withybrook area1424
PailtonPV517Newnham Paddox area1424
PailtonPV533Parts of Monks Kirby1424
PailtonPV50063Harborough Magna - Part of Montilo Lane1424
PailtonPV50107Brinklow - Parts of Anstey Road area1424
PailtonPV5012 21Harborough Magna - Parts of Easenhall Road / Main Street area1424
PailtonPV5022 3Harborough Magna - Parts of Churchover Lane area1424
Pailton PV5026 10Brinklow - Anstey Road - Parts of Walkers Terrace area1424
PailtonPV5030 11Monks Kirby - Parts of Bond End area1424
PailtonPV80295Monks Kirby - Parts of the Brockhurst Lane area1424
PailtonPV80427Parts of the Stretton under Fosse area1424
PailtonPV903422Harborough Magna / Pailton - Parts of Montilo Lane1424
Pebworth1222Long Marston1233
Pebworth2453Lower Quinton1233
Pebworth4353Upper Quinton, Lower Quinton1233
Pebworth511Long Marston1233
Pebworth613Meon Vale1233
Pebworth8126Lower Quinton1233
Pebworth 928Dorsington1233
PebworthPV800519Parts of Upper Quinton1233
PebworthPV80488Dorsington - Part of the Dorsington Rd area1233
Polesworth1853Polesworth 618
PolesworthPV33 93Birchmoor618
PolesworthPV35 20Parts of Warton & surrounding area618
PolesworthPV39 13Polesworth - Kisses Barn Lane618
Polesworth2369Alvecote - Robeys Lane / Alvecote Lane areas618
PolesworthPV5032 38Polesworth - Parts of Park Avenue / Hollies Rd area618
PolesworthPV50401Dordon - Part of Watling St area618
PolesworthPV504525Birchmoor - Parts of Cockspur St / Dark Lane area618
PolesworthPV506111Alvecote - Parts of Robeys Lane area618
PolesworthPV508147Polesworth - Parts of the Rowan Gardens / St Helena Rd / Hollies Rd area618
PolesworthPV5086 15Parts of Freasley618
PolesworthPV509717Polesworth - Parts of Park Avenue area618
PolesworthPV51218Polesworth - Parts of St Helena Road618
PolesworthPV512525Birchmoor - Green Lane / Birch Grove area618
PolesworthPV5137 13Warton - Church Road / Church View area618
PolesworthPV515412Birchmoor - Birch Grove area618
PolesworthPV905213Grendon / Dordon - Parts of the Spon Lane area618
RadfordPV503747Coventry - Parts of the Cole Court & Duckham Court area85
RadfordPV51083Coventry - Alvis Retail Park area85
RadfordPV511335Coventry - Parts of Duckham Court / Barkers Butts Lane area85
Rectory2364Parts of Middleton & surrounding area107
Rectory308Middleton - Parts of the London Road area107
RectoryPV5005 2Middleton area - Parts of Middleton Lane / London Road area107
RectoryPV501714Middleton - Parts of the Wishaw Lane area107
RectoryPV50552Sutton Coldfield - Parts of Lindridge Road area107
RectoryPV5107 6Middleton - Middleton Lane / Green Lane / Vicarage Hill areas107
RectoryPV50893Middleton - Middleton Lane / Green Lane / Vicarage Hill areas107
RectoryPV80348Parts of the Bassetts Pole area nr Sutton Coldfield107
Rugby3999Long Lawford1658
Rugby93135Long Lawford1658
Rugby99133Rugby - Regent St / Church St area1658
Rugby1009Rugby - Barby Road 1658
Rugby10125Rugby - Church St area1658
Rugby10335Rugby - Regent place area1658
RugbyPV50079Clifton on Dunsmore - Parts of the Lilbourne Road area1658
RugbyPV50541Newton - Part of Newton Road1658
RugbyPV51329Rugby - Parts of Sheep Street1658
rugbyPV518513Little Lawford / Harborough Magna - Parts of Little Lawford Lane & Harborough Rd area1658
RugbyPV5192 3Rugby - Church St area1658
RugbyPV520429Rugby - Parts of the Hawthorn Clse / Aspen Rd / Holly Mews & Lower Lodge Avenue area1658
RugbyPV52385Rugby - Parts of the Sheep St & Market Place area1658
RugbyPV524452Clifton upon Dunsmore - Rugby Road area1658
RugbyPV5276 17Rugby - Ashlawn Road1658
Rugby PV52828Rugby - Parts of Church Street / Regent Street area1658
RugbyPV5288 8Rugby - Church St & Gas Street area1658
Sheldon3580Sheldon, Solihull80
Shipston on Stour2Shipston - Sheep St / High St area1574
Shipston on Stour3236Tredington1574
Shipston on Stour4170Shipston on Stour1574
Shipston on Stour8187Stretton on Fosse1574
Shipston on Stour998Honington1574
Shipston on Stour10148Shipston on Stour1574
Shipston on Stour1174Shipston on Stour1574
Shipston on Stour1255Shipston on Stour1574
Shipston on Stour13170Shipston on Stour1574
Shipston on Stour14187Shipston on Stour1574
Shipston on Stour1597Shipston on Stour1574
Shipston on Stour164Honington / Barcheston / Willington area1574
Shipston on StourPV36 57Burmington1574
Shipston on StourPV50277Parts of Honington /Barcheston area1574
Shipston on StourPV50384Parts of Tidmington1574
Shipston on StourPV5083 36Shipston on Stour - Bosley Close area1574
Shipston on StourPV804647Parts of Wappenbury1574
Shipston on StourPV80891Tidmington - Part of London Road1574
ShirleyPV10 18Shirley581
Shirley21122Cheswick Green581
Shirley6957Shirley, Blythe Valley Park581
Snitterfield1326Bearley, Wootton Wawen1175
Snitterfield464Black Hill / Heath End1175
SnitterfieldPV32 45Wolverton1175
SnitterfieldPV37 13Norton Lindsey1175
SnitterfieldPV500119Wootton Wawen - Parts of Salters Lane / Bearley Cross area1175
SnitterfieldPV5003 48Bearley - Parts of Grange Road area1175
SnitterfieldPV500413Parts of Upper Fulbrook / Park Lane area of Snitterfield 1175
SnitterfieldPV5009 13Snitterfield - Parts of the Kings Lane / Ingon Lane area1175
SnitterfieldPV5019 5Snitterfield - Parts of the Heath End area1175
SnitterfieldPV5024 37Bearley - Parts of Grange Road area1175
SnitterfieldPV80145Bearley - Parts of Snitterfield Road area1175
SnitterfieldPV801218Black Hill - Parts of Warwick Rd / Hatton Bank Lane1175
Southam1219The Model Village - Long Itchington842
Southam2228Stockton & surrounding area842
Southam2810Parts of Bascote Heath area842
SouthamPV32 83Parts of Broadwell842
SouthamPV34 115Parts of Ladbroke842
SouthamPV5003 3Stockton - Parts of the Napton Road area842
SouthamPV50071Napton - Part of the Southam Road area842
SouthamPV5019 1Bascote - Bascote Lodge842
SouthamPV50205Stockton / Birdingbury - Parts of the Rugby Road area842
SouthamPV5024 6Southam - Parts of the Daventry Road area842
SouthamPV5030 18Parts of Napton842
SouthamPV50385Parts of Bascote842
SouthamPV50502Ladbroke - Part of Radbourne Lane & Windmill Lane842
SouthamPV50574Parts of Bascote Heath area842
SouthamPV506617Napton - Parts of The Butts / School Hill area842
SouthamPV506734Stockton - Parts of the St Michaels Crescent & Becks Lane areas842
SouthamPV50686Stockton - Parts of the Earles Close area842
SouthamPV5069 10Napton - Parts of the High St / Coxs Lane area842
SouthamPV507413Southam - Parts of the Upper Radbourne / Welsh Road East and Hold Road areas842
SouthamPV50781Stockton - Part of the Tomlow Road area842
SouthamPV50828Parts of the Ladbroke area842
SouthamPV50845Southam - Parts of the Banbury Road area842
SouthamPV5086 9Southam - Parts of the Banbury Road area842
SouthamPV51032Napton - Parts of the Poplar Road area842
SouthamPV511223Stockton - Parts of Manor Rd area842
SouthamPV51157Napton on the Hill - Part of Brickyard Road842
SouthamPV511725Stockton - Parts of the George Street area842
SouthamPV51291Ladbroke - Part of Ladbroke Hill Lane area842
SouthamPV51317Stockton - Parts of the Tomlow Rd area842
SouthamPV51344Parts of Bascote842
SouthamPV5150 16Southam - Parts of the Banbury Road area842
SouthamPV60171Stockton - Part of Tomlow Road842
SouthamPV60941Stockton - Part of Orchard Grove842
Stratford upon Avon694Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon9179Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon15183Alveston2541
Stratford upon Avon2081Stratford upon Avon, Stratford Enterprise2541
Stratford upon Avon34176Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon AvonPV34 77Clifford Chambers 2541
Stratford upon Avon3583Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon36112Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon39244Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon435Stratford upon Avon - Maybird Centre area2541
Stratford upon Avon4465Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon4586Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon4680Pathlow2541
Stratford upon Avon47126Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon4886Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon4922Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon51101Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon54132Stratford upon Avon2541
Stratford upon Avon62104Stratford upon Avon, Bishopton2541
Stratford upon Avon6449Stratford upon Avon 2541
Stratford upon Avon6632Clifford Chambers area2541
Stratford upon Avon67133Parts of Dodwell2541
Stratford upon Avon6888Tiddington2541
Stratford upon AvonPV5015 9Stratford - Parts of the Drayton / Alcester Rd area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV5114 6Stratford - parts of Ingon Lane / Warwick Rd area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV5272 6Stratford upon Avon 2541
Stratford upon AvonPV5210 7Parts of Tiddington / Alveston Hill area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV5284 8Alveston Hill area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV807722Clifford Chambers - Parts of The Nashes / Barn Close / Dighton Close area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV809026Alveston - Parts of The Rookery / Ferry Lane area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV812214Stratford - Parts of The Ridgeway area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV81245Stratford - Parts of the Rother St area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV819619Bishopton - Parts of the Birmingham Road area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV821320Stratford - Parts of the Meer St area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV827513Parts of the Clopton area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV828724Parts of Bishopton & The Burton Farm Rd area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV838312Clifford Chambers - Parts of the Orchard Place / Campden Road area2541
Stratford upon AvonPV83852Parts of Clifford Chambers2541
Stratford upon AvonPV838810Parts of Clifford Chambers2541
Studley4130Mappleborough Green572
Studley1619Studley, Clarkes Green572
Studley1525Studley - Middletown Lane area572
Studley1718Gorcott Hill area572
StudleyPV500810Parts of Mappleborough Green572
StudleyPV5030 1Spernal - Parts of the Fork Hill area572
StudleyPV504112Mappleborough Green - Parts of the Haye Lane area572
StudleyPV50505Outhill - Hardwick Lane area572
StudleyPV5052 10Studley - Middletown Lane area572
StudleyPV5069 10Outhill area572
StudleyPV508512Parts of Morton Bagot & surrounding area572
StudleyPV5086 20Morton Bagot area572
StudleyPV50871Part of Spernal572
StudleyPV509010Parts of Clarkes Green / Outhill area572
StudleyPV5093 38Studley - Parts of The Covers / Abbeyfields Drive area572
StudleyPV80988Outhill - Henley Road area572
Swinford 3200Biggin / Watling Street339
Swinford 5139Newton 339
Tanworth in Arden1149Wood End891
Tanworth in Arden2361Tanworth in Arden891
Tanworth in Arden3197Tanworth in Arden891
Tanworth in Arden523Tanworth in Arden891
Tanworth in Arden632Ullenhall Lane / Gorcott Hill area891
Tanworth in Arden736Danzey Green area891
Tanworth in ArdenPV5005 37Hockley Heath / Tanworth in Arden area - Parts of Pound House Lane / Broad Lane area891
Tanworth in ArdenPV50078Beoley - Parts of Alcester Road / Tanworth Lane / Alderhanger Lane area891
Tanworth in ArdenPV5009 20Ullenhall891
Tanworth in ArdenPV5012 16Hockley Heath - Parts of the Nuthurst Lane area891
Tanworth in ArdenPV50146Tanworth in Arden - Parts of Poolhead Lane891
Tanworth in ArdenPV50176Tanworth in Arden - Parts of the Tom Hill area891
Tile Hill20124Burton Green289
Tile Hill5016Carol Green area289
Tile Hill5113Kenilworth - Crackley Lane area289
Tile HillPV5007 37Coventry - Parts of Whitefield Close / Roughknowles Road area289
Tile HillPV504313Coventry - Parts of the Lant Close area289
Tile HillPV504435Berkswell - Parts of the Benton Green Lane & Tanners Lane areas289
Tile HillPV50457Berkswell / Meriden - Parts of Back Lane / Coventry Road area289
Tile HillPV50951Berkswell - Part of Tanners Lane area289
Tile HillPV5179 43Coventry - Parts of Ten Shilling Drive / Florin Close area289
Toll Bar1154Ryton-on-Dunsmore780
Toll Bar27132Baginton780
Toll Bar327Ryton on Dunsmore - Oxford Rd areas780
Toll BarPV500442Coventry - London Road - Parts of Kenelm Court area780
Toll BarPV5005 49Coventry - Parts of Seymour Close / London Road area780
Toll BarPV50314Coventry - Parts of the Brandon Lane area780
Toll BarPV5032 32Coventry - Parts of the London Road & St James Lane areas780
Toll BarPV5034 19Baginton - parts of Bubbenhall Rd & Stoneleigh Rd780
Toll BarPV5036 6Bubbenhall - Parts of the Stoneleigh Road area780
Toll BarPV504342Coventry - Parts of the Soden Close & Mary Slessor Street areas780
Toll BarPV505917Bubbenhall - Parts of the Weston Lane / Watery Lane / Leamington Road area780
Toll BarPV5069 36Coventry - Parts of Carnegie Close area780
Toll BarPV50752Coventry - Parts of the Remembrance Rd area780
Toll BarPV507938Coventry - London Road - Parts of Kenelm Court area780
Toll BarPV5083 8Ryton on Dunsmore - Part of the Oxford Rd area780
Toll BarPV510337Coventry - Parts of the Futures Walk / Remembrance Rd & Mary Slessor Street areas780
Toll BarPV5107 18Coventry - Parts of Mary Slessor St area780
Toll BarPV511711Coventry - Parts of the Brandon Lane area780
Toll BarPV51203Coventry - Parts of the London Road area780
Toll BarPV5139 4Ryton on Dunsmore area780
Toll BarPV5140 47Coventry - Parts of the Abbey Road area780
Toll BarPV5146 25Coventry - Parts of Ridgethorpe area780
Toll BarPV515011Coventry - Parts of London Road / Sunbury Rd area780
Toll BarPV515510Coventry - Parts of London Road area780
Toll BarPV515734Coventry - Parts of Marlcroft / Harcourt area780
Toll BarPV516228Coventry - Parts of the Ashington Grove area780
Toll BarPV516333Coventry - Parts of Ashington Grove area780
Toll BarPV51645Coventry - Parts of Scimitar Way780
Toll BarPV51701Coventry - Parts of Poppy Court / Futures Walk area780
Toll BarPV51916Stoneleigh - Chantry Heath Lane area780
Toll BarPV60313Coventry - Parts of the Remembrance Rd area780
Toll BarPV800516Ryton on Dunsmore - Parts of the Leamington Rd / Oxford Rd area780
Tysoe1294Upper Tysoe774
Tysoe444Lower Tysoe area774
TysoePV5009 25Parts of Whatcote774
TysoePV501721Parts of Whatcote774
Walsgrave on Sowe752Aldermans Green, Shilton363
Walsgrave on Sowe20104Barnacle363
Walsgrave on Sowe2241Shilton - Wood Lane / Shilton Lane & Charles Lakin Close areas363
Walsgrave on SowePV5007 54Coventry - Parts of Minton Road / Doulton Close / Wedgewood Close area363
Walsgrave on SowePV502192Alderman's Green - Parts of the Lenton Lane area363
Walsgrave on SowePV50439Ansty - Parts of the Brinklow Road area363
Walsgrave on SowePV51124Walsgrave on Sowe - Parts of the Peter Hall Lane area363
Walsgrave on SowePV51263Ansty - Parts of the Coombe Fields Road area363
Walsgrave on SowePV51484Coombe Fields area - Parts of Smeaton Lane & Anstey Lane area363
WarwickPV37 10Warwick - parts of Banbury Road1015
Warwick46129Hampton on the Hill1015
Warwick6221Parts of Hatton / Hatton Park1015
WarwickPV5019 3Warwick1015
WarwickPV50389Budbrooke - Parts of the Birmingham Rd area1015
WarwickPV505310Budbrooke - Parts of the Hampton Rd area1015
WarwickPV506017Warwick - Parts of the Welton Rd / Wedgnock area1015
WarwickPV5063 1Warwick - Part of the High Street area1015
WarwickPV50663Warwick - Parts of Myton Road area1015
WarwickPV50877Warwick - Parts of Priors Grove Close / Hardwick Field Lane area1015
WarwickPV51016Warwick - Parts of Banbury Road area1015
WarwickPV51238Warwick - Parts of the Woodloes Lane area1015
WarwickPV51381Warwick - Chase Meadow1015
WarwickPV5140 62Warwick1015
WarwickPV5152 13Warwick - Myton Crescent area1015
WarwickPV5156 22Warwick - Parts of Myton Gardens area1015
WarwickPV51728Bishops Tachbrook - Parts of Mallory Rd & Banbury Rd areas1015
WarwickPV51731Warwick - Parts of Banbury Road area1015
WarwickPV51774Warwick / Bishops Tachbrook - Parts of the Barford Road area1015
WarwickPV5180 18Warwick1015
WarwickPV51851Warwick - Part of Gallows Hill1015
WarwickPV5186 20Warwick - Parts of Priors Grove Close area1015
WarwickPV900612Parts of the Littleworth area near Norton Lindsey1015
Welford on Avon1111Welford-on-Avon, Binton840
Welford on Avon2312Welford-on-Avon840
Welford on Avon3208Welford-on-Avon840
Welford on Avon414Welford-on-Avon840
Welford on Avon595Welford-on-Avon840
Welford on Avon639Welford-on-Avon840
Welford on AvonPV34 34Weston-on-Avon840
Welford on AvonPV801213Welford-on-Avon - Parts of the Long Marston Rd area840
Welford on AvonPV90063Welford on Avon - Parts of Binton Road840
Welford on AvonPV901311Welford on Avon - Parts of the Binton Road area840
Wellesbourne4191Hampton Lucy, Charlecote1007
Wellesbourne1220Area north of Wellesbourne1007
Wellesbourne1424Hampton Lucy 1007
WellesbournePV34 23Walton1007
WellesbournePV36 56Wellesbourne1007
WellesbournePV500427Parts of Loxley1007
WellesbournePV50116Wellesbourne - Stratford Rd / Hunscote Lane area1007
WellesbournePV501316Parts of area between Loxley, Tiddington & Alveston1007
WellesbournePV50214Wellesbourne - parts of Stratford Road area1007
WellesbournePV805519Hampton Lucy - Parts of The Spinney area1007
Wolston159Stretton on Dunsmore2959
Wolston2139Binley Woods2959
Wolston3373Binley Woods2959
Wolston6271Binley Woods2959
Wolston7342Binley Woods2959
Wolston1060Parts of Bretford & surrounding area2959
Wolston11128Church Lawford2959
Wolston1710Bretford - Parts of Kings Newnham Lane area2959
WolstonPV3618Church Lawford2959
WolstonPV383Parts of Bretford 2959
WolstonPV3912Wolston - Coal Pit lane area2959
WolstonPV5005 2Wolston - Parts of The Fosse area2959
WolstonPV50146Stretton on Dunsmore - Parts of London Road area2959
WolstonPV502316Parts of Stretton on Dunsmore2959
WolstonPV50408Stretton on Dunsmore / Lawford Heath - Parts of London Road / Coalpit Lane area2959
WolstonPV50571Wolston - Parts of Coal Pit Lane area2959
WolstonPV50581Stretton on Dunsmore - Part of the London Rd area2959
WolstonPV50781Stretton on Dunsmore - Part of London Rd area2959
WolstonPV508513King's Newnham2959
WolstonPV50317Parts of Stretton on Dunsmore2959
Wolvey1120Wolvey, Withybrook1104
Wolvey 269Wibtoft1104
Wolvey 385Wolvey & Wolvey Heath area1104
Wolvey 543Wolvey1104
Wolvey 9153Wolvey1104
Wolvey1024Parts of Withybrook1104
WolveyPV36 16Wolvey - Five Ways / Hinckley Rd / Lutterworth Rd1104
WolveyPV50012Bramcote - Parts of Bazzard Road1104
WolveyPV5002 4Wolvey - Parts of the Mill Row & Mill Lane area1104
WolveyPV50066Wolvey - Parts of Field Close / Coventry Road area1104
WolveyPV501018Bramcote - William Beesley Crescent area1104
WolveyPV50114Wolvey - Parts of the Temple Hill / Leicester Rd area1104
WolveyPV501414Burton Hastings - Parts of the Hinckley Road area1104
WolveyPV5015 13Parts of Copston Magna1104
WolveyPV501736Burton Hastings1104
WolveyPV501822Burton Hastings1104
WolveyPV502123Parts of Wibtoft1104
WolveyPV50236Parts of the Shelford / Burton Hastings area1104
WolveyPV50259Withybrook area1104
WolveyPV90345Bramcote - Admirals Way / William Beesley Crescent1104
Wroxton St Mary5117Shotteswell117
Wythall3291Tidbury Green, Shirley291


PLEASE NOTE: If your local infrastructure has benefited from an FTTC upgrade, there is no guarantee that you will be able to achieve superfast speeds at your own property. Reasons for this include:

  • Distance from the cabinet. Broadband speeds drop quickly over copper connections so the further your distance away from the cabinet the lower the achievable speed will be
  • The quality of your copper connection back to the cabinet
  • Factors within your own property, such as electrical interference or the number of concurrent users

Contract 3

The vast majority of upgrades in Contract 3 are to be built using Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) technology where the fibre will be routed directly to each individual property.

However, a very small number of upgrades will be via Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology where the final broadband connection between the property and the fibre enabled cabinet is via the existing copper landline.

Our Contract 3 build in partnership with Openreach has now been completed and so this is why there are no further builds listed below.

If you register your details with us, we can let you know when fibre broadband is likely to be available to your property.


Exchange NameStructure / Cab No.LocationBuild start date: