Final telecoms cabinet locations urgently needed

The CSW Broadband project is appealing for residents and businesses to report the locations of the final remaining cabinets before 21st April. The information is urgently needed to ensure that no area is left without coverage when the new superfast broadband network is designed and installed.

Leigh Hunt, e-Business Adviser at Warwickshire County Council, said: “We have had a fantastic response so far and have verified information from members of the public that covers over 90,000 properties. However, we are about to finalise the areas in which we are able to operate and need to identify exactly where the telecoms cabinets are located so that we can check the coverage that the commercial providers are claiming they will achieve by 2015. If an area is included in the commercial plans then we will not be able to cover it in our project, but equally we need to make sure that the project is not paying for services in areas that should be upgraded commercially”.

A new map has been published on the project website at:

Residents and businesses are asked to check their property on the site and if there is a dot on the property then the locations of the nearest cabinets are urgently needed. All information should be submitted before 21st April as the coverage plans will be finalised after that date.

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