Keeping children and young people safe online

A guide to helpful resources for parents

Whilst there is no doubt that the internet is a fantastic resource for children and young people, many parents are concerned about the dangers posed by online access. The latest CSW broadband newsletter includes a handy guide for parents to help keep children and young people safe online.

Children and young people are among the biggest users of online technology – whether it is for education, research, online gaming, email, social media or a host of other uses. Young people cannot imagine a time when they could not simply take their phone out of their pocket to look for details of the next bus, find a film to watch, enjoy face-to-face contact with their friends or take and share photos and videos of seemingly every moment of their waking day.

However, this phenomenal growth in use and applications does carry risks.

Cllr. Alan Cockburn, Deputy Leader of Warwickshire County Council, said: “Make no mistake about it, the internet is a fantastic resource, but it does have to be used sensibly and parents should not simply assume that everything is safe or that their children are behaving responsibly. You would not allow your eight-year-old to wander the streets of a strange town alone; yet that is effectively what they may be doing when online, unless simple safeguards have been put in place.

“During the long summer holidays from school or college it is inevitable that young people will be spending more time online through their laptops, tablets, phones and gaming consoles. We want to help parents to ensure that their children and teenagers are using technology safely. Fortunately there are a number of resources available to help parents navigate their way through the mass of online safety information that is available and CSW Broadband have brought together some of the best in their latest newsletter.”

The CSW broadband project, which is bringing fibre broadband to communities across the area, issues a monthly e-newsletter covering a wide range of topics. The July edition includes information about keeping children and young people safe online and can be found at:

The Internet has transformed the way in which we all live our lives. Never before has there been a technology that has grown with such speed, had such a deep and wide penetration into all parts of society and all cultures, or been so (relatively) affordable. There are simple steps that can be taken to ensure that this online experience is safe.

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