Newsletter — April 2015

160 cabinets live to date

Over 32,000 properties able to connect to the fibre network

Topics in this edition:

  • Dates for your diary – we’re coming to a location near you!
  • Digital Unite
  • Jeremy Vine show answers listeners’ computer queries
  • Questions and Answers

Dates for your diary – we’re coming to a location near you!

Over the next few months we will be coming to each of the Districts with our spring/summer roadshow. We’ll be explaining where we are with the project, showing the latest maps, and answering all of your questions.

All are welcome to attend, and if you can’t make the date that is in your area then you are welcome to attend one of the others (although some information will be tailored to the location for each event).

Booking couldn’t be more straightforward, simply go to our Eventbrite page, select your chosen event and complete registration form.

Why should you book? Because it will help us to understand where attendees are from, and will enable us to keep you posted with event updates.

Go to our Eventbrite page to book:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday 18th May — 6:30-9pm — Rugby Borough Council CV21 2RR

Monday 15th June — 6:30-9pm — Shire Hall, Warwick CV34 4RL

Thursday 18th June — 6:30-9pm — Stratford District Council CV37 6HX

Wednesday 8th July — 6:30-9pm — North Warwickshire Borough Council CV9 1DE

Go to our Eventbrite page to book:

Digital Unite

This organisation works with individuals and Champions to help people to gain skills and confidence in using new technologies. They have an excellent range of guides covering topics such as:

  • Computer basics
  • Creating documents
  • Email and Skype
  • Using the Internet
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Music and audio
  • Smartphone and tablets
  • TV and video
  • Social networking and blogs
  • Digital photography
  • Internet security
  • Shopping and banking

For more information visit: 

Jeremy Vine show answers listeners’ computer queries

There was an interesting article on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show on Tuesday 23rd April. Readers called in with various computer-related questions and Jeremy’s guest, Alastair Whitehouse, answered queries on topics such as whether you should upgrade or replace your machine; how to safely carry out your own repairs; different types of memory; how to speed up your machine and much more. Alastair gives very useful information without using lots of techy language. There’s some good music in-between as well! To listen go to: The item starts at about 01:37 and you can use the slider to move to that time in the programme. The programme will stay online until 21st May.

Copy for your own website or newsletter

We regularly produce updates of around 350 words that can be used on your own website or in newsletters. There are a selection of articles available for download and you can select the most appropriate depending on where your particular area is in the rollout pipeline. Copy can be found at:

Questions and Answers

How do you decide where you’re going to put a new fibre broadband cabinet?

When planning our rollout programme, BT need to ensure the new fibre broadband cabinet is located within 100 metres of its associated telephony connection cabinet (copper cabinet). They also need to make sure there is enough access to power and existing infrastructure. Other things they consider are that the cabinet doesn’t get in pedestrians’ way, or pose a danger to road users. Plus they have to survey for other utility companies’ underground structure and obstacles. BT have to take into account the visual impact in some areas and make sure they’re not putting the security of adjacent properties at risk. Ease of access for installation and maintenance are also important considerations in the decision of where to place new fibre broadband cabinets.

My cabinet is showing as delayed because civil engineering works are needed, what does this mean?

If your cabinet is listed on the Rolling 12-Month Plan as requiring Civil Engineering Works, there may be any number of reasons for this. However the most common is when a blockage is found in the duct and the fibre cannot be blown through. If this is the case then digging will have to take place to repair the ducts – and the problem is that there may be more than one blockage, which would require more digging. The teams are working as quickly as they can to resolve these issues.

I’m in a high demand area. It says BT are working to provide additional capacity. What does that mean?

BT aim to provide extra capacity as soon as possible for those parts of the network where they are experiencing high levels of demand. Catering for additional demand in an area can take time to plan and they also need to increase the infrastructure to accommodate the extra equipment needed. In a number of cases, BT may even need to supply an additional fibre cabinet.

Many more frequently asked broadband questions can be found on our website at:

CSW Broadband now on social media – come and join the conversation

We are now on the major social media channels and are already creating a buzz. Join in for up-to-date information and an opportunity to influence how the project develops:

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