Newsletter — April 2016

248 cabinets live to date

Over 43,000 properties able to connect to the fibre network

Topics in this edition:

  • Contract 2, Wave 2 announced
  • Contract 1 rollout progressing well
  • Crime prevention tip of the month
  • Copy for your own website or newsletter
  • Questions and Answers

Contract 2, Wave 2 announced

Thousands more households and businesses across Warwickshire will be able to access faster fibre broadband for the first time as Wave 2 of our rollout is announced. Blackwell, Deppers Bridge, Harborough Magna, Model Village, Monks Kirby, Shawbury, Shustoke, Sutton-under-Brailes and Water Orton will be among the communities to benefit.

At the same time, the high-speed technology will be rolled out to additional areas of Bidford-upon-Avon, Ettington, Marlcliff and Nether Whitacre, which already have some fibre broadband.

Engineers from Openreach (BT’s local network business) have already begun work for Wave 1, and the first cabinets will start to go live soon. As with Contract 1, the CSW Broadband team are working to accelerate the programme and it is hoped that the first Wave 2 cabinets will go live this summer, although some could take up to 12 months to complete depending on local conditions.

To mark this latest announcement the project map has been refreshed and the area colours have been updated. To see the status of your area please visit

Every day we are hearing how fibre broadband is touching people’s lives in new and exciting ways. The feedback from businesses and households opting to upgrade is extremely positive, especially here in Warwickshire, where the take-up of fibre broadband is higher than average at around 30 per cent. A special thank-you must go to all of our Local Broadband Champions who do such a fantastic job of telling people in their local communities what is happening and when the new service becomes available. If you live in one of the areas mentioned above and would like to know more about becoming a Champion for your area go to

Contract 1 rollout progressing well

It is incredible to think that it is two years since we started connecting the first premises to faster fibre. Since then, Openreach engineers have installed around 250 new road-side cabinets, making fibre available to more than 45,000 homes and businesses.

Those areas that are now able to achieve superfast speeds have been updated to dark green on our maps, with areas that are connected to the fibre network but unable to achieve full superfast (24Mbps) coloured in light green.

As we near the end of Contract 1 many of the areas that were previously coloured purple on the map, meaning that they required more intervention that a standard fibre cabinet, are now also turning green. These include many properties that were previously connected directly to the exchange. By installing new copper as well as fibre cabinets many of these lines are now able to achieve superfast speeds. So, especially if you were previously on an Exchange Only line, it is worth checking to see if you can now upgrade to the new services.

Crime prevention tip of the month

It’s spring…and ‘Shed Burglars’ are especially busy at this time of year as winter locks are removed from sheds and tools and machinery are once again in regular use……

Thefts from sheds and garages are an ongoing problem all year round, but now new mowers are ready for spring; a variety of tools are put away ready for gardening or DIY; valuable items such as fishing tackle and bicycles are waiting for the warmer weather. The thieves know the pattern only too well, and let’s face it, we make it easy! There’s lots of useful information about how to keep your property safe on the Safe in Warwickshire website:

Copy for your own website or newsletter

We regularly produce updates of around 350 words that can be used on your own website or in newsletters. There are a selection of articles available for download and you can select the most appropriate depending on where your particular area is in the rollout pipeline. Copy can be found at:

Questions and Answers

Here are some of the Q&As raised recently. Our website has an updated set of Q&As.

Can we tap into a private line?

No. A private line is just that. Businesses can purchase a high-speed leased line. They will pay several thousand pounds for installation and a high usage charge. These lines run on a different network and are therefore not available for use by communities or individuals.

Are there other options that will provide an increase in speed even if it is not superfast?

BT has a product called Unlimited Faster Broadband that offers up to 17Mbps. Availability will depend on you being able to connect to a fibre cabinet, but your predicted speed being below superfast levels. The availability is likely to depend on the infrastructure between your home and the fibre cabinet. For more information go to

We have had reports that some residents have experienced difficulties in ordering this service, but we have been assured that the BT sales teams should now be up to speed (pun intended!) with this service. So, if you do experience any problems please let us know and we’ll pass the information on to BT.

Are you looking for technical solutions where there is currently no cabinet?

We have already started to upgrade exchange-only lines in some areas. This involves installing both a copper cabinet and a fibre cabinet. Unfortunately we are unable to carry out our usual communications in these areas as we don’t know which properties will benefit from the new service until it has actually gone live. As soon as we get the data about connections to specific properties we will send an email to those who are on our system. To register your details and be sure of receiving the latest information please go to

What are all-in-one cabinets?

An all-in-one cabinet is a combined copper and fibre cabinet. The advantage is that rather than installing two separate cabinets only one is required. The downside is that these cabinets cannot support as many connections as the more usual two-cabinet solution so they are not suitable for use in all locations.

Many more frequently asked broadband questions can be found on our website at:

CSW Broadband now on social media – come and join the conversation

We are now on the major social media channels and are already creating a buzz. Join in for up-to-date information and an opportunity to influence how the project develops:

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