My cabinet has gone live but I cannot get superfast speeds – why?

There are a number of issues that can impact on the speeds that you can achieve. The key factor is the distance from the cabinet. The final part of the delivery uses the existing copper cabling, and broadband speeds degrade quickly over copper. Therefore, the closer to the cabinet you are the faster speeds you will achieve.

For more information, we have some useful self-help guides on our website on a range of broadband issues including how to improve your broadband speed and alternative technologies for broadband in rural areas.

We are getting increasing numbers of enquiries about the condition of the local copper networks. As many of these were installed many years ago and were not intended for data transmission this is hardly surprising.

Unfortunately this is outside the remit of this project. Our role is to install the fibre and the new infrastructure, then the network is handed over to Openreach who run it and sell services on to the ISPs.

The only option that you have to get your copper network upgraded is to refer back to your ISP, who will then contact Openreach. Openreach sells a wholesale service to the ISPs, so doesn’t deal directly with the end users. If your ISP is unable (or unwilling) to help, then we suggest that you contact Ofcom who are the regulators for the industry.

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