My upgrade was scheduled for completion by now, when will it be done?

We have always stated that the timings given on the Rolling 12-Month Plan are indicative only. As we move through the rollout we are getting to more challenging areas and are finding unforeseen problems. Where there is a delay, the reason for this will be listed on the Rolling 12-Month Plan.

A number of the planned cabinet / structure upgrades show that the delay is due to civil engineering work being required. This is often due to blocked or collapsed ducts, which may require road closures, and these can take 3 months to come into effect.

Occasionally, when one problem has been fixed, another may manifest itself further down the line. Although visual surveys are carried out, it is not possible to know what is happening under the ground until the actual work commences.

We will not be able to bring regular updates or a lot of details about what is happening – just doing that would tie up a lot of valuable resource for the CSW Broadband team and for the contractor. However, we will give an indication of the status on any delayed structures as the work progresses.

Contract 2 is due to complete by the summer of 2019, whilst Contract 3 work is due to be completed in the summer of 2020.

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