It looks as though the decisions were made on a postcode basis – why?

The area shading on the map is calculated by postcode areas. This is the standard BDUK methodology. Clearly telecoms infrastructure does not align with postcodes, which is one reason why we are saying that the actual rollout will depend on surveys and that the area shading on the map is indicative only.

In fact, we have already identified that some postcodes are served by a number of existing cabinets, and that some existing cabinets serve a number of different postcodes. Therefore, the footprint of properties that will achieve superfast broadband is likely to differ significantly from the postcode information that is given on this map.

To see if anything is planned in your area, either through this project or from commercial providers, use our unique property checker, which shows the currently planned status (down to property level) up to the end of 2019.

You simply need to enter your postcode and you will then see a list of premises and their status. The information was largely derived from the Open Market Review and Public Consultation that we carried out in preparation for the Contract 3 procurement.

If the coverage has been promised by the commercial provider, then we are bound by commercial confidentiality and cannot give further details. However, if the upgrades are planned through the CSW Broadband project then you can see the status on our latest map and on the Rolling 12-Month Plan.

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