They are standing a new cabinet in our village, but we don’t have an existing copper cabinet. So how does that work?

The new cabinet is an all-in-one structure, meaning that it is a copper cabinet (PCP) and fibre cabinet (DSLAM) combined. These are often used where a cluster of properties is too far from the serving PCP to be able to achieve superfast speeds, even after the upgrades have taken place.

The usual requirements for a fibre cabinet apply, namely the availability of a suitable location, a suitable power supply and, of course, the ability to get fibre to the cabinet. Additionally, however, with an all-in-one cabinet there is a need to carry out a CuRE operation. This means that the existing copper connections are re-routed to the new cabinet, and this can add to the time it takes for an all-in-one cabinet to go fully live.

So, the good news is that using this technology we are able to bring superfast broadband to areas where it would never have previously been available. However, it will take a little longer before you can order superfast broadband.

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