Why are you doing some urban cabinets?

The town cabinets were chosen because there is already a fibre spine in these areas and so the work required to connect to it is far less than would be the case in some other areas where there is no existing infrastructure.

The spine must start from an urban area and to make it cost effective we need to enable cabinets at every opportunity along its length so that the considerable cost of the new spine can be spread over as many premises as possible.

It would be crazy to deploy the spine into a rural village and bypass all the cabinets on the way which have premises that have no access to Superfast Broadband from Virgin Media or anyone else.

Inevitably, as a cabinet may reach 500 premises there may be some overspill but it is illegal to deploy to a grey area (i.e. where there is commercial provision) so you can be sure that every cabinet that is deployed contributes to reaching further into the rural areas.

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