I was in a white area under Contract 1, which meant that I could expect 2Mbps by 2016 but my location now appears to be covered in Contract 2. What does that mean in practice?

The current mapping of Contract 2 is indicative only and will be subject to change as the surveys progress. Moving from a Contract 1 white area to potential coverage under Contract 2, means that instead of getting the Universal Service Commitment of 2Mbps, you could achieve superfast speeds. We can’t, at this stage, say when that improvement will be coming.

We have been getting some good reports from people who have moved to mobile broadband. Some are achieving speeds of around 70 Mbps! This technology relies on a good mobile broadband connection so it is important to use the mobile coverage checkers available on mobile broadband supplier websites before committing. You can access a mobile broadband connection by subscribing to a data plan with your chosen mobile operator; this can usually be done using a mobile device, a dongle, or a 4G router.

When considering this option, it is important to take into consideration your data usage. Searching around for an unlimited data package can pay off, especially if you do a lot of streaming or playing videos on YouTube.

Under Contract 1 BDUK committed to make available over 2Mbps to all properties by 2016. This is through the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme that covers the installation costs of broadband using alternative technologies such as wireless or satellite.

If a community get together they could even pool their vouchers to get a new fibre cabinet installed. Rental and ongoing costs will fall to the user. Mobile connections are not eligible for the scheme.

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