Your Area

We now have 3 different ways for you to check the status of your area.

The brief descriptions below will help you to choose which is most suitable for you:

1.   Unique interactive property-level checker

Our new interactive property-level checker enables you to find out what coverage is planned for your home or business by the end of 2019. It’s simple to use and the information returned will show one of the following classifications:

Superfast Available – Your property should already be able to access superfast broadband.

Superfast Promised – Your property is either due to be upgraded in Contract 2 of the CSW Broadband project or is in an area where BT Openreach or Virgin have stated that they plan to provide superfast broadband before 2020.

Contract 3 – Your property is in Contract 3. Learn more…

AltNet (Under Review) – A supplier (not BT or Virgin) has said that they will be providing superfast broadband before 2020. Learn more…

Awaiting funding – Your property is in an area that is currently awaiting further funding. Learn more…

Unknown – Your property’s details are not currently known by providers. Learn more…


The information has been taken from the following sources:

  • Open Market Review and Public Consultation that was held and the end of 2016. During this process all commercial providers were invited to submit information about their rollout plans to the end of 2019. **
  • Contract 2 coverage for the CSW Broadband project.
  • State Aid approved Contract 3 potential intervention area.


** Because this information is provided in commercial confidence we are not able to state which provider has said that they will go to particular areas, unless they have given permission for us to do so.

2. Rolling 12-month plan

Our rolling 12-month plan shows the works that have been announced thus far for the current contracts, and the completed work for all contracts. If your property shows that it will be achieving superfast speeds on the property-level checker then this is the place to find out when that might be happening.

Please note that as we move into more challenging areas different technologies will be used, so it may not always be possible to give full information until the service actually goes live.

3.   Latest Map

Our latest map gives a visual representation of what has been achieved so far, and what is to come. You can enter your postcode to go straight to your area, and you can zoom right down to property level to see what the status is of your property. The property-level information is taken from the same sources as our unique property-level checker.