Latest Map

Our latest map shows what has been achieved so far, and what is to come. Enter your postcode in the map’s location field to go straight to your area, then zoom right down to find out the status of your property. Your property’s assigned ‘symbol status’ is explained in more detail in the links below:

No symbol on your property – Superfast broadband may already be available at your property.

Pink Square – A major provider has promised to provide superfast broadband to your property as part of their commercial rollout.

Blue Star – Your property should have been upgraded as part of Contract 2 of the CSW Project.

Yellow Star – Your property is due to be upgraded as part of Contract 3 of the CSW Project.

Pink Circle – A supplier (not BT or Virgin) has said that they will be providing superfast broadband to your property before 2020.

Red Pentagon – Your property is in an area that is currently awaiting further funding.

The map is based on the most recent Ordnance Survey information, so may not include newer developments.

If you prefer to view your property’s broadband status in address list format, use our Check Your Property tool.

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