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Please let us know if we’ve got it wrong

A full description of the property and area-level mapping can be found here: Map Help

We have now introduced property-level information as part of our improved mapping. However, we have over 500,000 properties in our database so we may not have got it right first time. If you believe that we may not have the correct information about your property, please advise us by completing the form below.

We have used crowd-sourcing in this project previously and this is what has given us a huge advantage when developing our maps and planning the rollout. Please help us to ensure that we have the correct information so that when it comes to planning the final stages of the rollout we have the best possible information on which to base our decisions.

CSW Broadband takes the security of your personal details seriously.

You can find our Privacy Statement here: CSW Broadband Privacy Notice

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Please note: Whilst our aim is to remove inaccuracies in our database, the data is still under development and we have over half million premises in our database, so that it might take a little while for us to resolve all issues.