Superfast Promised

If there is a purple square on your property on our latest map or the Check Your Property tool has returned the status of ‘Superfast Promised’ when you enter your postcode, then you are in an area where one of the major providers has promised superfast broadband coverage by end of 2019 as part of their commercial rollout (i.e. not funded through the CSW Broadband project).

Because the latter information was provided to us in commercial confidence, we are unfortunately not able to state which provider has said that they will go to a particular area, unless the provider has given permission for us to do so.

To check if coverage is available yet, you can use either the BT or Virgin line checkers to see if one of these networks is providing a service now.

The How to use the BT Broadband Availability Checker page on our website contains a handy guide to interpreting the results of the BT checker.

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