Superfast available now

If the Check Your Property tool has returned the status of ‘Superfast Available’ when you enter your postcode, then superfast broadband may already be available to you.

This would be either through the earlier CSW Broadband rollout or through a commercial provider such as BT or Virgin. You can use either the BT or Virgin checkers to see if one of these networks is providing a service to you right now.

Our How to use the BT Broadband Availability Checker webpage will help you make sense of the BT Broadband Checker results.

If fibre broadband is available at your property, you still need to choose and sign-up to a fibre broadband package in order to take advantage of it.

Remember to check different providers for the best rates / packages to meet your needs. Impartial sources of advice include Which? or

You can also use a range of comparison websites to find the best broadband deal for you, including:

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