Under Investigation

If there is a yellow star on your property or the Check Your Property tool has returned the status of ‘Under Investigation’ when you entered your postcode, then you are in an area that is currently under investigation for Contract 3. The actual rollout will commence in 2018 and will be completed by the end of 2019.

Until full investigations have been carried out, we cannot give further information about Contract 3 upgrades, however we hope to be able to announce the specific work to be done during the summer.

Until we are able to announce which structures are to be upgraded, we cannot say which properties should be able to connect to the new service. As we move further into the programme we are seeing the introduction of different technologies such as FTTP (Fibre to the Premise), and also more Exchange Only lines, which use new infrastructure rather than an existing cabinet.

Due to the complex nature of this work and the different technologies that are involved, it is also impossible to say with any degree of certainty, which specific properties will be able to connect to the new service or what speeds a particular property might be able to achieve until the service has actually gone live.

By registering through our website and providing us with the information we need, we can contact you once the work has been completed and the service is live and ready for you to order from a selection of Internet Service Providers.


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